Exhibition Organization

We realize that organizing exhibitions starts from the moment of planning, so professional leadership experts provide all services related to organizing exhibitions from the moment of planning, choosing the right place and designing creative spaces so that the exhibition comes out in the best possible image and achieves the goals for which it was launched and the approval of the participants

Professional leadership experts also supervise every detail of the exhibition professionally, which made us the most distinguished in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this field and increased the confidence of our customers and partners of our success through a long procession of organizing exhibitions that we designed for them

    Audio Systems

    Because we realize that the sound systems are the basis for the success of any event. We have provided all sound systems that are suitable for different halls, halls, open and closed spaces of all sizes, whether large or small halls. Our sound systems are characterized by the purity and clarity of sound in a way that distinguishes the event. Our sound systems are supervised by sound engineering experts who specialize in identifying the needs for events according to what suits them In addition to the full supervision of the sound engineering during the event to ensure its success and the approval of the participants and organizers of the event

      Visual Systems

      Professional leadership owns the latest visual technologies necessary for any event or celebration of different types and sizes. Specialized technicians supervise all our services, so we are committed to providing technologies with full supervision of their operation in the best possible way.

      In addition to the operational work, the professional leadership specializes in the production of creative content for your business and your introductory or marketing activities and all design and video works of all kinds

        Recording & Programming

        The documentation of events is the most important part of the organizing journey, Al-Riyadh provides all services related to the implementation of operational plans to manage the registration process to ensure its complete and distinct documentation.

        Professional leadership is characterized by owning the latest tools and supplies for the event registration process, so our clients trust our services provided in this field due to the high quality of equipment and tools used, which are supervised by our experts who are professional in providing services.


          Visual Identity Designs

          The visual identity is what distinguishes you in the business world and is the most important part in building loyalty to your brand. Professional leadership offers visual identity design for companies and business owners to ensure their excellence in a market full of competitors

          Our team of visual identity designers are professional in choosing fonts, colors, logo design, and all design work to suit your commercial and marketing activity and enhance your presence on various platforms.

            3D Designs & Clips

            We realize that design is a wide world of creativity, and because the professional leadership team is professional in the design industry of all kinds, we offer our customers three-dimensional design services that add to their products a wonderful presentation that distinguishes them from their competitors.

            Our design team is professional in producing 3D clips with smart and distinctive ideas that contribute to highlighting your products and the success of your marketing campaigns in a way that the target audience loves and wants to share.

              Production & Photography

              If you want to produce visual content for your business or organization, professional leadership is your best choice in providing high quality visual production services using the latest technologies and necessary equipment and under the supervision of a team that creates the video industry of all kinds.

              Whether you want to produce motion visual content or real photography, our professional team provides you with all the services that fit the content you desire with a distinctive output vision, an attractive scenario and high technologies.

                Web Design & Follow up

                Your website is the interface of your business on the Internet, we offer web design services to our clients in various programming languages ​​and we are keen to adapt them to all tablets and mobile devices and to be compatible with search engines to ensure that it reaches the target audience

                We also provide website development and follow-up services under the supervision of a technical team that specializes in web design and development and provides you with technical support services over time to ensure that your website works in the best possible way.

                  Lighting System

                  We provide you with all internal and external lighting systems and their management on demand

                  Because we specialize in organizing and managing exhibitions, in addition to providing visual production services, we provide our customers with all necessary lighting systems for their events, whether indoor or outdoor lighting, in proportion to the nature of open and closed spaces.

                  All requirements for lighting systems are fully provided, and this is what distinguishes us when providing our services, which is supervised by a technical team that specializes in lighting services and managing its systems.

                    Promotional Gifts

                    Promotional gifts highlight the value of the company or institution and increase the loyalty of its customers and target audience, we offer you the services of providing promotional gifts in innovative and different forms at prices commensurate with your budget, to ensure your excellence and the approval of your customers

                    Our innovative ideas in providing promotional gifts, our work journey in this field, and our understanding of the public’s tastes made us the most distinguished in providing promotional gifts in proportion to the nature of your commercial or institutional activity.

                      Social Accounts Management

                      Social networking sites allow everyone to be present and publish, but in light of the intense crowding in what is published daily, the audience stops at the distinctive content only, and because we care about our customers, we provide social media account management services with unique content that the audience loves and wants to share. Our professional services in design and content writing make us the most distinguished in managing social media. In addition to our understanding of the needs of the audience and the influence industry, we provide distinguished services to our customers that enhance the spread of their brand.

                        Advertising Services

                        Successful advertising starts from the moment of planning and studying the market. We offer our clients advertising campaigns based on studying the target market, determining the advertising plan, determining the appropriate budget, in addition to designing the advertisement in a professional manner, determining the most appropriate method and anticipating the results.

                        Our advertising campaign experts launch and monitor the ad throughout the launch period and make the necessary improvements to ensure the best results.

                          Giant ITab

                          Giant iTab offers innovative event technology solutions that magnify digital experiences, transforming smartphones into colossal interactive displays. With over 25 years of experience, we serve businesses worldwide through our global network of partners, providing rental, purchase, and leasing options. Our professional-grade equipment runs 24/7, ensuring reliability. Our plug ‘n’ play solution features 27″, 43″, and 55″ screens, enabling the presentation of digital content in native formats. This immersive approach enhances sales and customer engagement, making Giant iTab an ideal choice for events, trade shows, conferences, and impactful presentations, promising to elevate your digital experiences and captivate your audience.